New generation TAIHO X-RAY X-ray detectors

New generation TAIHO X-RAY X-ray detectors

New generation TAIHO X-RAY X-ray detectors

TAIHO X-RAY X-ray detectors are specially designed product quality control devices that have high resolution and effectively detect foreign matter in food and agricultural products. The TAIHO X-ray detector detects impurities such as metals and non-metallic inclusions (glass, rubber, stones, plastic, ceramics, sand, bones, shells, etc.). There is also a defect detection function, for example, to detect cavities created by parasites, etc.

It is especially effective to install the TAIHO X-ray detector in the production line before the finished product is released to customers, which eliminates the shipment of products with third-party impurities or objects that may pose a danger to consumers.

TAIHO X-RAY X-ray detectors are supplied in two versions depending on the product being inspected:

  1. For sorting cereals, legumes and other crops, as well as nuts in bulk
  2. For quality control of packaged products in a box, bag, bottle and other types of packaging.

Advantages and technical upgrade of new generation TAIHO X-ray detector:

  • The new X-ray detector (X-RAY) TAIHO is designed as a single whole machine, it is more convenient for equipment installation.
  • Updated the product feeder and use a stronger and larger diameter shaft to avoid product feed failure, prolong the service life of the feeder and simplify maintenance.
  • Remote control function via 4G high speed internet or WLAN, "Local Login" and "Remote Login" allow X-ray detector operators and TAIHO engineers to access the machine anytime, anywhere. An online remote online software update is also provided.
  • New updated algorithm and operating system, make the X-ray detector smarter and more stable in detection.
  • New shield design provides better X-ray protection, prevents dust and splash water.
  • Received European quality certificate.

PLEASE NOTE that TAIHO cooperates on the territory of Ukraine only with Imeks Group Service LLC, a photo of the dealer's certificate confirming this fact is attached to the gallery. LLC "Imeks Group Service" provides delivery, warranty and post-warranty maintenance, service. Due to the growing popularity of TAIHO color sorters, as well as the positive reputation of Imeks Group Service LLC, there have been more cases of scammers who declare that they also deal with Taiho color sorters - new or used. However, the purpose of these advertising campaigns is solely an attempt to discredit us and our partner. Also, in the ads of scammers, as a rule, false data is specifically indicated, for example, an extended delivery time is 95 days, but our delivery time, as before, is about 60 days. Be vigilant and don't be deceived.