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Filter media Valmet

Filter media Valmet

Valmet Technologies Inc. (formerly TAMFELT, METSO Fabrics) is the largest manufacturer of high quality filter fabrics and finished filter products for dry and wet filtration for various industries.

Valmet's activities are related to the production and sale of products for industrial filtration. The product range is very rich and includes filter fabrics and non-woven materials, as well as finished filter products (napkins, bags, sleeves, tapes, etc.) for dry and wet filtration for various types of filter equipment (filter press, bag, cartridge, cricket, candle, tower, carousel, belt filters, etc.).

In the assortment you will also find products for special applications, such as antistatic products, heat-resistant non-woven fabrics, elastic fabrics.

Valmet products are provided for all types of equipment and filters. They work both in technological processes and on environmental protection equipment.

Filter materials: bags, sleeves, ribbons

Today, there are quite a few manufacturers of various filter materials on the market, but very few independently produce not only finished products, but also filter fabrics, as Valmet Technologies Inc. does, due to which we can guarantee consistently high quality at competitive prices.

Valmet products can be used in many industries:

  • Sugar and food industries
  • mining industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy
  • construction industry
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Oil refining industry
  • Paper and pulp industry
  • Municipal and plant purification plants (gas/water)

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