Color sorter Observation

Color sorter Observation

Color sorter Observation

Taiho Observation color sorters are a new generation of Taiho sorters with artificial intelligence.

Major improvements implemented in the Observation series

TAI (Artificial Intelligence Technology) + PLATFORM CONNECTIVITY
1. Interaction

  • Running Data Statistics

  • System status monitoring
  • Self-test and fault signaling

2. 4G Gateway

  • Multiple access via modem, 4G/5G, WIFI
  • Connect the color sorter with your mobile phone/laptop at any time.

3. Remote control

  • Remote contro
  • Software backup
  • Software update

New touch screen

  • CPU frequency up to 2.0 GHz/4 cores
  • 1 GB RAM compared to 256 MB on the old screen
  • Memory 8 GB eMMC
  • 10 times more processing power
  • Support for the newly developed intelligent sorting algorithm
  • Border enhancement and weakening function
  • Intelligent detection of defects on the edge of materials

Optical improvements


  • New A60 RGB camera up to 350 million pixels
  • clearer picture
  • SINR (Signal to Noise and Interference Ratio) 30% higher


  • Outdoor lamp, greater distance between panes to avoid interference from dust
  • Double row LED, polygonal, high illuminance, low temperature rise, increase color difference contrast


  • Only the background is blue, easy to configure programs
  • Background protection function
  • Binarization parameters are self-defined


  • Intelligent cleaning
  • Closed cylinder (option)

Mechanical improvements

  • Hard anodized chute, smooth feeding, less material jumps
  • Vibrator with mirrored stainless steel, anti-adhesive
  • Two stage vibration for special materials
  • Dust removal system on the top of the chute, pressure adjustable (option)
  • Improved air supply, more stable ejector pressure

Next generation intelligent sorting