Our advantages

Our advantages

Our advantages

Advantages of TAIHO color sorters

Full color video cameras 5400 pixels.

The closest analogues have 4096 (or 2048). This permit allows for difficult tasks such as removing pale green soybeans from yellow soybeans or barley that is the same color as the soybean itself. Or remove pale green peas and pelushka from yellow peas.

A wide range of models (from 1 to 16 trays, and in belt sorters with a belt width from 300mm to 1200mm).

You can choose a model based on your needs without buying two machines, or buying with a performance margin. At any time, you can change the scheme of work and increase productivity.

Plant manufacturer TAIHO

The world leader in the production of this equipment (more than 3000 devices per year).

We provide prompt maintenance and service.

The presence of a permanent official representative office in Ukraine (office in Kyiv).

A modern in-house development of the "Smart Sort" setting mode.

One of the benefits is Intelligent customization for your product. You just need to submit the product to the examination area, indicate the unsuitable product on the panel, and you can start working.

Price-quality ratio.

TAIHO color sorters are the best on the market.

Extended official warranty.

All Taiho color sorters are guaranteed for 24 months.