Launch of 8-tray color sorter TAIHO for Agro-Forte


Information about the launch of the Taiho color sorter was posted on the main information portal of the agro-industrial complex -

It is noted that Agro-Forte installed a TAIHO color sorter for 8 trays. The plant's capacity is 18 thousand tons per season.

According to the report, the equipment makes it possible to produce even better seeds, as it is able to purify products from impurities by 99.99%, which cannot be achieved with air-grated separators and a vibrating table.

The company emphasized that the principle of operation of the separator is simple: before work, the specialist photographs separately samples of high-quality grain and impurities, and then the machine “distinguishes” them, filtering out excess debris.

“He can even distinguish the seeds of wheat, barley or rye, which are very similar to each other. And, as you know, mechanical contamination of varieties that are difficult to separate with impurities that do not differ in size and shape from the main variety (for example, impurities of rye in wheat, wild oat and barley in oats, soft wheat in durum) and are not separated by grain cleaning machines is especially dangerous. , - summed up in Agro-Fort.