TAIHO color sorters were installed at mine 1.3 of Artyomsol State Enterprise


From November 9, mine No. 1,3 temporarily suspends its work for reconstruction and installation of new equipment - three TAIHO color sorters. The mine plans to launch the production of purified salt, which will be packaged in a cardboard box and a plastic bag weighing 1 kg.

The installation of new sorting machines requires the installation of additional equipment. It will be necessary for the delivery of salt to color sorters and distribution of products after separation according to the technological scheme of the salt factory to packaging machines.

For the timely and successful implementation of this project, an experienced specialist Dmitry Skripnik returned to the position of director of mine No. 1, 3, who since January 2016 served as the chief engineer of the State Enterprise "Artyomsol".

Due to the suspension of production, the main part of the mine personnel was transferred to other production units, which made it possible to organize at Mine No. 7 and the Mine named after. Volodarsky two-shift work. Some unemployed workers were sent on vacation.

The project for the introduction of new equipment was carried out by the design department, the technological study of the installation was carried out by the technological group of SE "Artyomsol". All reconstruction work at the facility will be carried out by the mine workers, as well as the repair and construction department.

The color sorters were purchased using the ProZorro electronic system, which made it possible to choose the best equipment at an affordable price.

All work is scheduled to be completed this year.

Recall that the technology of photo-separation, which is planned to be introduced at Artemsol, will allow removing dark inclusions of natural origin (anhydrides) from rock salt. As a result, salt not only acquires a snow-white attractive appearance, but also the content of NaCl increases in it, which will correspond to ground salt of the highest quality in accordance with DSTU 3583-97 (GOST 13830-97).

Source: http://www.artyomsalt.com